Why choose Offer Maldives?
Offer Maldives has the cheapest but best holiday packages available in the Maldives.
What type of packages Offer Maldives has?
Offer Maldives has packages for Resorts, Hotels, Guest Houses and Live-aboard.
How to book a package?
To book a package is easy and hassle free. Just browse any of the packages displayed, select desired dates, number of packs and simply send the booking form.
What happens after the booking form is sent?
Offer Maldives has 24x7 representatives who will be assisting the booking orders. Once we receive a booking, our representative will reply to the emails we receive.
Do I have to do anything after booking is sent?
Yes, once you sent booking form you will receive a mail asking to confirm your booking. Simply confirm it. All the booking you made will be available in your dashboard on Offer Maldives.
When do I have to pay?
Our representatives will be in touch with steps for payment.